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Auto insurance companies have been playing hardball against injured motorists in recent years. They may be regreting their tactics now. Notoriously stingy auto insurance companies have been getting hit with larger jury verdicts in cases where the facts and injuries are so bad that the lawyers and judges are perplexed at how the insurance company thought they could win.

Recent verdicts in cases where innocent motorists have been severely injured by a careless driver have resulted in substantial verdicts for the victims. That is understandable. What is not understandable is how the insurance company for the careless driver made a final offer of settlement that was less than the victim’s medical bills. It is almost impossible to think that a jury deciding the case would make an award of less than the medical bills.
The recent trend seems to suggest that a person who is injured by another motorist and feels that the other person’s insurance company is not making a fair offer should go to a trial lawyer and ask them to pursue full justice in the courtroom. Injured consumers should refuse to be bowled over by an insurance company’s hardball tactics and should have a lawyer counter the hardball tactics with a courtroom fight.

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