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Late Sunday night, a case of road rage shut down a local highway. After weaving in and out of traffic, apparently involved in a serious case of road rage with another driver for more than 4 miles, a 19 year-old boy crossed over the median and crashed into a tractor trailer. The driver was doing 80 mph when he crossed over into the other lane of traffic. The driver of the other speeding car left the scene, but fortunately a witness was able to catch the car’s license plate number.

The 19 year-old was killed on impact. The driver of tractor trailer was able to escape before fire broke out. The other driver is being questioned by the police.

Road rage, much like drunk driving, is so hard to stomach as the harmful result is so easy to prevent. People need to remember that a car is moving weapon when not driven with care. Drivers, particularly teenage drivers, seem to often forget that they are not invincible when they get behind the wheel.

Thankfully the truck driver escaped with reportedly minor injuries. Unfortunately, the 19 year-old will never be able to learn from this lesson. Hopefully other young drivers will learn to think about the consequences before they take their anger to the highway.

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