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Traffic accidents happen for a variety of reasons, including bad weather, mechanical failure and so forth. However, a disturbing trend in motor vehicle accidents is the increasing number of accidents due to driver inattention.

Today, drivers have a number of things that distract their attention from the roadway. These items include cell phones, personal hand held computers like Blackberries, map quest screens on the dashboard, video screens within the vehicle, and so forth. Drivers almost cannot help but look to these items to break up the monotony of commuting or running errands.

Numerous consumer safety advocates have now drawn a paralell between distracted drivers and intoxicated drivers. In each situation, a driver makes a conscious decision to drive while engaged in one or the other activity, knowing they are putting the safety of others on the roadway at risk.

Innocent victims of distracted drivers would be wise to retain a law firm to handle their rights to recovery when accidents occur. The Cleveland law firm of Landskroner Grieco Madden Ltd., is one such firm with substantial experience in holding distracted drivers accountable for their actions.

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