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Recent history suggests that national companies like Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Bed Bath and Beyond and many other large conglomerate corporations have collectively put a strangle hold on small business throughout the United States. There is no question that when the big boys come to town, the goal is not to simply compete in the marketplace but rather to bury its competitors by cutting margins, increasing advertising and marketing budgets and litigating their way into communities in order to enhance their national presence.

At bottom, corporate America is driving up the cost of doing business for the little guy and driving down their ability to make a profit. Correspondingly, the immediate result may appear to benefit the consumer by way of some cost savings the effect is the systematic destruction of small town America which hurts us all.

Taken in conjunction with the new "global economy", where knock off merchandise is illegally manufactured overseas and is readily accessible for purchase on line, it remains a struggle for any small business operation to stay afloat, nevermind find success.

In order for small businesses to survive in this climate, it will require creative and innovative business strategy as well as exceptional customer service and a strong and loyal customer base. Success will only be sutstained if the little guy is willing to stand up to big business and others in order to protect contractual rights, proprietary processes, and to enforce its trademarks and copyrights.

One creative approach to protecting the rights of small business is to find an avenue of legal representation that levels the playing field against wealthy and powerful corporations and others when they step over the line. Big business thinks nothing of paying millions of dollars to high priced lawyers from the biggest law firms to litigate smaller companies into concession or bankruptcy. For a small business to follow suit, it would be an excercise in economic futility. A better approach for small business is to find counsel that will handle litigation on a contingency fee basis wherein the law firm is paid based on a percentage of what they recover. In this scenario the attorney truly represents the client's interest rather than their own interest. Under a contingency fee there are no legal fees incurred if no recovery is obtained for the client. Consider this approach when your company's rights have been infringed upon and level the playing field.

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