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Thank goodness for the work of Trial Lawyers for Public Justice (TLPJ), the nation’s public interest civil law firm. This oganization has done more in its 25 year history to protect the rights of consumers, hold those accountable who abuse their authority, fight discrimination and protect the environment than almost any other organization in this nation.

(TLPJ) has recently created yet another project seeking to protect the rights of consumers and specifically their right to file class action law suits. The Class-Action Preservation Project is TLPJ’s most recent special interest project created to assure that the courthouse doors remain open to all. The project is an outgrowth of TLPJ’s broader concern to assure access to justice in a time when access to court and the rights of consumers are facing restriction if not elimination by corporate and governmental interests.

As an example of why class actions are necessary, when a credit card company improperly charges 500,000 of its customers $50 there is little chance, absent a class action, that any consumer will be able to afford or justify fighting the credit card company in a legal battle to recoup the illegal and/or unathorized charges. However 500,000 consumers banded together in a united action are far more effective at getting the credit card company’s attention and far more pursuasive at negotiation the return of funds improperly assessed. If corporate America had its way, the ability to bring class actions would be curtailed all together.

TLPJ’s project will fight restrictions seeking to place limitations on the ability to bring class actions, as well as monitoring abuses of the system by both defendants and plaintiffs to assure access to justice for all.

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