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Allcare Dental Drops Patients, Employees

UPDATE: Additional information on Spangenberg Law Firm’s Allcare Dental Class Action can be found at See additional Allcare Dental Class Action information.

Allcare Dental offices have closed throughout the country, leaving customers who “pre paid” in order to secure discounts high-and-dry. They also might have left former employees unpaid as well.

Allcare Dental has left various notes to its aggrieved customers on its message website, but it focuses on patients’ records, not their fees. For example, this letter doesn’t help patients recover fees from Allcare Dental at all:

Allcare continues to aggressively seek out new dental providers in your area and solutions for copies of your records. Still working through solutions to several locations, but it is taking longer than expected to finalize the transactions. We will be working non-stop throughout the weekend to finalize more transactions. We expect to post more solutions before the end of the weekend. We understand your frustration and are working hard to get this done, thank you for your continued patience.

In the meantime, if you are experiencing a dental emergency, you will need to locate another dentist in your area at your cost, go to the emergency room or call 911. You can locate other dentists by referencing your local Yellow Pages or by contacting your county dental society.

As Janet Cho reported at

[Ohio] Attorney General Richard Cordray’s Office had received 38 complaints about Allcare Dental since Jan. 1, 2010, said spokeswoman Kim Kowalski. The issues included poor service, shoddy work, billing problems, high pressure sales and failure to deliver.

My Cleveland-based law firm, Spangenberg, Shibley & Liber is investigating Allcare Dentail lawsuit claims, and the possibility of an Ohio or even National class action against Allcare Dental. This proposed class action would include unpaid Allcare employees lawsuit and a dropped Allcare patient lawsuit. Spangenberg partner and consumer-rights attorney Nick DiCello explained that simply taking people’s money after they deposit it for services is actionable:

Nobody likes being taken advantage of, and Allcare Dental suddenly shutting their doors, while taking client’s pre-paid deposits, likely violates a number of consumer laws and is probably a breach of contract. There’s also the employees: were they warned? Paid? Simply left with no income and nothing to show for it?

We’re investigating Allcare Dental as a potential class-action lawsuit. People affected by the closure who are interested in learning more should contact us by going to

[updated 2-7-2011]

Do you have an Allcare story? Or another bad experience with a consumer transaction? Leave a comment below and share your story!


  1. Gravatar for terry ernst

    too me along time to get brave enough to go to the dentist. they overcharged me. which i was trying to straighten out for two months, too no avail. also got finaced for almost 8000. still paying to the finace company and didn't recieve my top dentures nor partial...not a happy camper. and can't stop making payments of almost 600. a month. will ruin my credit......i'm lost.

  2. Gravatar for William Eadie


    Thanks for your feedback. I think many Allcare Dental customers are having similar problems, and some may even be facing the financial ruin your payments are causing you. This just isn't right. Hopefully our Allcare Dental claim will work out, although these things take some time!

  3. Gravatar for Jeremy Farrell

    It's absurd that Allcare Dental thinks they can can hide from their employees and customers behind their closed doors. They add insult to injury by not even offering to refund the money their customers already paid or to compensate their employees for the work they already performed. Even more absurd is doing so while many families are already experiencing difficult financial times. It's good to see that someone is going to hold Allcare Dental accountable for their actions.

  4. Gravatar for Gail Klavinger

    I too was an Allcare patient. I have no temporaries, no permanents - no teeth. I paid up front in cash over $4,000, plus an insurance payment to them of almost $2,000. They were rude and unprofessional. I hope the state AGs can work this out for us victims.

  5. Gravatar for William Eadie

    Jeremy, thanks for your feedback!

    Gail, I hope the AG's can work something out, too. We're looking into the potential Allcare Dental Class Action because it might fall to the civil justice system to recover the lost money, if there is any left! We're accepting calls from potential Allcare Dental Class Action reps at 877-696-3303.

  6. Gravatar for Ohio Caregiver

    Aspen/Allcare and Ohio State Dental Board Executive Director Lili Reitz

    The closing of Allcare Dental did not happen overnight. Their shady business and dental practices have been known in Ohio for more than 5 years. Everyone within the circles of dental regulation knew what was going on at Aspen/Allcare. The initial news is that Allcare dental offices closed their doors abruptly. Here is just a part of this story.

    For years dentists have told the Executive Director and Dental Investigators of the Ohio State Dental Board that the Aspen/Allcare business model is unethical and unlawful. The Ohio State Dental Board is the government agency responsible for protecting the citizens of Ohio from illegal dental procedures and business practices. The Ohio State Dental Board is the agency that is empowered to regulate and prevent dental care that is below the standard of care. They are responsible for the dental profession by enforcing those parts of the Ohio Revised Code that cover the practice of dentistry in Ohio. Lili Reitz, a lawyer, is the Executive Director of the Ohio State Dental Board. Kathy Carson, Gail Davis, and Harry Pasku are the dental board’s Investigators. They were supposed to protect the citizens of Ohio.

    Lili Reitz, Executive Director of the Dental Board has brought discredit to herself, Ohio regulatory and legislative bodies, and the profession of dentistry. It is time for Lili Reitz and dental board investigators Kathy Carson, Gail Davis, and Harry Pasku to resign or be removed. They knew what was going on. And they knew it for the past five years. Dentists employed by Aspen/Allcare, past and present, practically begged the Ohio State Dental Board to step in and do their job. Many of these dentists were certain that the Ohio State Dental Board would close the Ohio Aspen/Allcare dental offices before anyone got hurt. Some 150,000 to 200,000 Ohio dental patients have been “abandoned”. These patients have been denied care and many have lost money. Lili Reitz, Kathy Carson, Gail Davis, and Harry Pasku did nothing. This is a part of the story.

  7. Gravatar for elizabeth reich

    I had alot of dental work done there, owe a finance company a fortune & can not get the adjustments complete on the partials that they did make--I need alot of work done that they were to complete in the future--do not know where my dental records went--

  8. Gravatar for Elton Verden

    Hello all, I must take time to tell everyone of my latest squall with Allcare Dental. My name is Elton Verden and I am now facing felony charges brought on by the company president,Dave Pennington. I was brought on as a manager five months ago and like the other 2000 employees nationwide, I too am unemployed. However, as an attempt to reconcile with our patients by delivering dentures to patients that paid for services, I salvaged a small amount of equipment and teeth to fabricate their dentures. This particular plan is being utilized in Michigan right now !!! As a matter of fact, three former Allcare locations in Michigan are open at this time to former Allcare patients. Former emplyees of the company have taken the initiative to bring the entire staff back to serve the patients that our corporate officials left "high and dry".

    It was my desire to immulate that course of action here in New York, however,I've been charged with Grand Larceny for salvaging the needed supplies to make dentures for our patients. It was stated in the indictment that as manager of the "Processing Center", I had no right to take the materials necessary to complete work for our patients.My case has been transferred to a Superior Court today. By the way would you believe that the Owner of the company had the audacity to show up in court today to proceed with prosecution. Thousands of people were left penniless by paying for dental sevices without ever receiving a thing but he takes time out to make sure my efforts are thwarted. Is it any wonder why this company failed....??

    I'm sincerely asking for all to pray for me and my family that this will be seen as it truly is. I have an 8 year old daughter that I would love to stay with. There is a possibility that I may incur jail time and corporate will walk away untouched.Fortunately I have retained an attorney that is just as passionate as I am. He really believes in the Judicial Process and feels confident of our outcome. For me...I really don't know. To show some support of solidarity, please pray and e-mail your signs of support. Understand , I am not asking for monetary donations, simply votes of confidence. I really think I've got a long haul to fight the "fat- cats", but with support from the people that believe in "doing right" these charges will be dropped. Anyone with a desire to reach me , please feel free to do so by calling (717) 940-2445 or

  9. Gravatar for William Eadie

    Ohio Caregiver: Thank you for your feedback and insights. While I can't comment on the factual allegations you raised, since I do not have firsthand knowledge of them, I certainly think you raise a lot of concerns that might need to be addressed by governmental and/or regulatory agencies. Let's hope they get to the bottom of things!

  10. Gravatar for William Eadie

    @elizabeth reich,

    You are not alone! We've filed a class action suit on behalf of patients, and hopefully that will provide some relief. We also hope the various state's attorney generals will be able to recover some funds on patients' behalf. Feel free to contact me for more information.

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