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As election day fast approaches, many candidates and their supporters have utilized campaign ads which demonize trial attorneys and our civil justice system. Don’ t be deceived by this rhetoric. Trial attorneys protect your rights and hold wrongdoers accountable . Our civil justice system mandates that any individual or any entity that negligently injures another has a duty to fully and fairly compensate the injured. Attacks on our system occur for one reason only-the wrongdoers don’t want to be held accountable.

Despite claims by corporate america and it supporters, both federal and state litigation is actually declining. Although one wouldn’t know it by listening to the deceptive rhetoric, the median award for tort cases actually decreased over the last 10 years. Further, a recent Wallstreet Journal study has confirmed that premiums charged by insurance companies are increasing, not because of “friviolous lawsuits”, but because of insurance companies’ bad business decisions, bad investments and an altering economy. Trial attorneys stand up for “the little guy” in what has become a culture of corporate greed and deception. Don’t be deceived by the rhetoric. Justice will and must be served no matter who the wrongdoer.

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