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In the past 20 years the popularity of Sushi has skyrocketed in the US. Not only has this staple of Japanese cuisine become commonplace on American menus but it has become a trendy and healthy alternative to greasy fast food. In fact, in central Ohio Sushi has grown into one of the most favored ethnic foods.

More than two dozen central Ohio Japanese and Pan-Asian restaurants feature sushi bars or have the dish on the menu. That's a bigger concentration than anywhere else in the state.

According to the Asian Restaurant News Trade Publication, there are more than 9400 Japanese restaurants in the United States and the market is growing.

Yet Sushi is not without its risks when proper preparation is overlooked!

The presence of parasites in raw fish is a real concern for consumers who enjoy eating sushi .

These worms are killed by thorough cooking or adequate freezing. Only the ingestion of raw, lightly cured, or insufficiently cooked infected fish can transfer the live worms to humans.

The failure to properly prepare sushi can result in infection and can include the transmission and growth of round worm or tape worm in the human body. Symptoms include abdominal problems and fever, and may resemble appendicitis and intestinal obstruction or one may endure fatigue, diarrhea, weakness, numbness of the extremities, and a feeling of hunger. Most states recognize that where a restaurant has failed to properly prepare food served to its customers, it will be held liable for the resulting injuries to those whose have been exposed.

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