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Another year has come and gone; however in the State of Ohio, 2006 has been one to remember or more appropriately, for those of us that fight for consumer rights and the rights of small business, a year we would like to forget,

In a flurry of last minute legislation passed by the outgoing Ohio Legislature, we have seen bills passed to undermine the rights of consumers in favor of the paint industry protecting them from liability for their defective and dangerous lead based products, we have seen the insurance industry further insulated from accountability for its bad acts which intentionally violate its insureds rights, and we have seen unscrupulous car dealers wheel and deal their way out of being punished when they commit fraud and deceptive trade practices.

It is hard to brush off the moniker which has been foisted upon our State Government as a “culture of corruption” when political favortism and special interest have exerted such brazen influence over our law makers, to the detriment of our citizens and small businesses. We can only hope that our newly elected leaders will take a different approach.

It may be years before the damage inflicted on our rights can be undone , however as an attorney, as an advocate for my clients, as a citizen of the great State of Ohio, and as a father of four children who will grow up in this state, I resolve, although beaten’ down by this political steamroller, not to be deterred and to fight on in the courts, in the legislature, on a grass roots front and in the media to make this a better and safer place to live, to run our businesses and to raise our families; not just for the wealthy CEO’s of multi-million dollar corporations and fortune 500 companies, but for all of us.

May we all have a healthy, just and prosperous year to come. Happy new year.

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