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Next time you hear someone say there are too many lawsuits which cause manufacturers to go out of business, remember that enforcing liability laws actually helps consumers by eliminating dangerous consumer products. When a dangerous product injures a consumer, the consumer has every right to be properly compensated, and the manufacturer must be held accountable. Often times, a manufacturer knows their product is unsafe, but makes a conscious decision not to remedy the problem, so that thier profits are not jeopoardized. It is not until a manufacturer is brought into court, where the truth will be revealed, that the manufacturer decides to make its product safer and realizes that safety over profits is what really matters.

Some safety changes made as a result of liabilty laws being enforced in courts of law are as folllows: Firestone Tires were known to explode and cause rollovers and once suit was brought they were pulled from the market; Ford knew of defective transmission designs and did not change the design until after they were hit with a large punitive damage award and pajamas manufacturers, knowing their fabrics were flammable, did not use flame retardant chemicals until after they were held accountable by a jury.

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