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Nursing Homes And Wrongful Death

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Each and every day families are faced with the decision as to whether to send a loved one to a nursing home for either temporary care and treatment or for permanent care. The decision making process is a very tough one and due to recent cases, which have demonstrated the inadequate care many patients receive at nursing homes, the decision must be made only after a thorough investigation is conducted. Many times nursing homes are short staffed and improperly staffed. Many times those caring for the elderly just don’t care. Just yesterday I spoke to a family whose loved one was sent to a nursing home for rehabilitation after a surgery. After spending a week in the nursing home she had to be rushed to the hospital, where doctors discovered a horendous infection had basically shut down her system. She died a short time later. Stories like this are not unusual. Families who have loved ones pass away while in a nursing home or after being in a nursing home should ask questions of the facility and investigate exactly what happened. The answers discovered may very well show the nursing home was negligent and a wrongful death action may hold the nursing home facility responsible.