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Ford Worker Dies in Machine at Plant in 2nd Industrial Accident of Day

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Friday evening a worker at Ford’s plant in Brookpark, Ohio was killed in an industrial accident when he fell into a machine.

Francisco Fraticelli of Broadview Heights died from injuries to his chest, abdomen and pelvis after falling into a machine at Ford’s casting plant.

Fraticelli was a member of United Auto Workers Local 1250. The Union along with OSHA will be conducting an investigation the incident.

This alarming incident was not however, an isolated event, but shockingly it was the second catastrophic injury occurring at the plant that day, raising serious concerns about plant safety. Earlier Friday another worker was hurt suffering a workplace injury when he was hit in the face with what was believed to be a hook sending him flying into a pit of hot sand used in the mold making process. He suffered second degree burns and was taken to the hospital.

Workplace safety must be a priority at all industrial plants because the risk of harm can be so great. When an employer is aware of a dangerous circumstance or operation within its premises it must act to eliminate the risk of harm to its employees. If the employer fails to do so, the resulting injury gives rise not only to a claim for workers’ compensation benefits but also to a claim for employment intentional tort where accountability and full recovery can be obtained for the injured victim and/or his family.