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Recovery Beyond Workers Compensation

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As most employees know, if you are injured while in the course and scope of your employment you are entitled to workers compensation benefits. These benefits cover your medical bills, lost wages and sometimes provide compensation for future losses, depending on the nature of the injuries. What employees should also be aware of, is if the injury incurred at work, was caused by the negligence of another, further compensation may be obtained from the negligent party.

For example, if a delivery driver or salesman is in route to a customer and is involved a car crash caused by the negligent driving of another, the negligent driver may be held responsible . Since the crash took place while in the course and scope of employment, a valid workers compensation claim may be filed. However, a claim against the driver who caused the crash may also be filed-seeking compensation for injuries caused in the crash. If you are injured while on the job, make sure you pursue all your applicable rights. If you are not sure who is responsible and how to protect yourself, contact your attorney. Remember there are specific time limitations as to when claims may be filed, so make sure you know your rights.