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Preventing Construction Injuries After Katrina

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As the Gulf Coast tries to rebuild after last years destruction by Hurricane Katrina, the Biloxi/Gulfport Sun Herald reports on the rash of injuries that can occur when communities try to put things back together. The story, which focuses mainly on volunteers handing out safety gear, provides a great list of safety tips for any construction site. Among the recommendations:

  • Falling and flying objects, especially when working in tight spaces, can pose a hazard to your head, face and eyes. Consider wearing a hardhat, safety vest, protective eyewear and ear plugs while working.
  • Designate your work area as a "kid-free zone" to keep children out of harm's way and out of reach of tools and equipment.
  • Keep a stocked first-aid kit in every location that an injury may occur. First aid may make the difference between a quick recovery and permanent injury.

For additional information about construction site accidents: