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Halloween: Trick or Treat Safety

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Trick or treating is surely one of the highlights of the year for children. Dressing up as a favorite action hero or character and of course, all the candy, is enough to make kids forget about safety concerns. Before taking your children out for beggar’s night, make sure to take some precautions. The National Safety Council has published a list of trick or treat safety suggestions for parents to help keep kids safe.

Make sure little ones are dressed in weather appropriate clothing with reflective tape/pieces and flashlights to help keep them warm and visible. Keep children in sight at all times and tell them to never go into a stranger’s house. Steer kids away from unfamiliar pets as the costumes and excitement may confuse and frighten even a normally friendly animal. Bring candy and goodies home and inspect it before letting the children indulge.

Taking these precautions will help make sure trick or treat night is fun for everyone. Let’s keep the ghouls and goblins safe!