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Dog Bite Victim Lands In Month-Long Coma

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A Wisconsin woman was in a coma Wednesday after being bitten in the leg by her neighbor's dog back on May 22nd. Pamela Hartmann suffered a broken tibia when the rottweiler-shepherd mix attacked her. She seemed fine after the bite, but she ended up being taken to the hospital for low blood pressure

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Hartmann was walking across the yard to return a Tupperware bowl to her neighbor when she entered the area where the dog was kept. Bear was on a 10-foot long chain, and there were numerous "Beware of dog" signs in the yard. Hartmann was walking in an area where the grass was beaten down by the dog's path when the dog bit her in the leg several times. She attempted to get away by rolling over, but then the dog bit her in the back.

The Hartman's have filed a dog bite lawsuit against the animal's owner.

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