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Young Blogger an Inspiration to Those with Cerebral Palsy


The teenage years aren’t easy for most people, but this was particularly true for Katy Fetters. She was born with cerebral palsy, so growing up and fitting in was a challenge.

Fetters didn’t walk until age 3 and couldn’t ride a bike until age 8. She has a hard time controlling the left side of her body, and her left leg drags. Over the years, she’s suffered through daily physical therapy, a series of casts, surgery, and a leg brace, but through the loving support of her parents and siblings, Fetters felt there was no accomplishment out of her reach.

Her blog, teencerebralpalsy.com, encourages other young people with the condition. Though she played soccer and ran cross-country in school, the social pressures of junior high and high school could be too much to handle at times. In the summer before her junior year, she started the blog to give other young people going through similar experiences someone with whom they could identify and from whom they could seek advice. Fetters said the blog’s success boosted her confidence as well.

Now 20, Fetters doesn’t want to limit her positive influence to only those with cerebral palsy. She’d like to write a book for all teens struggling in school through those difficult years.

We'd like to know: If you were born with cerebral palsy, who (or what) inspired you to keep going? Share your thoughts and, like Katy, help others.


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    Thanks for this inspiring poistive story.

  2. Ellen Klepac says:
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    Hi, Mr. Parsons. Thank you for reading!

  3. Tony Seymour says:
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    Thanks for the post Ellen. Good to see more people with CP spreading the word. I also have mild CP. I decided to make it the focus of a children’s story to help spread disability awareness. What Katy is doing is fantastic. You may also want to take a look at a young blogger with severe CP, who unfortunately died earlier last week. His name was David Rose and he inspired so many people before he passed away. Check out his story on Twitter @daveonwheels.

  4. Ellen Klepac says:
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    Hi, Mr. Seymour:
    Thanks so much for reading, commenting, and sharing Mr. Rose’s Twitter handle. I hope others will check it out.
    Once you publish your children’s story, please stop back and tell us the title, so we can share that, too.
    Take care.