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Tainted Spinach Must Not Taint Public's Confidence

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Every effort should be made to compensate injured consumers who feel they have been sickened by tainted spinach. It is only in this way that the consuming public will continue to have faith and confidence in the state and federal agencies that are created to protect the public.

Consumers have to believe that they can trust produce and goods that they purchse in the market. Our economy is directly affected by the public’s confidence in the goods they purchase. When breakdowns occur and goods sicken or injure the trusting consumer, it is imperative that the consumers be compensated without delay or run-around so that the public’s faith in the overall system is not shaken.

This episode will pose another test of the effectiveness of our current administration, and the agency heads appointed by the President. If the outcome appears to indicate another preference for profit over the public, the civil justice system may need to intervene to protect the public once again.