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Strickland Defends Ohio Consumers

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Ohio consumers received their first victory in Ohio government as incoming Governor Ted Strickland vetoed the pro-business legislation that all but eliminated various protections of the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act.

Governor Stickland vetoed Amended Substitute Senate Bill117, a last minute act of pro-business legislation that would have greatly weakened current protections afforded to consumers in the State of Ohio. One of the most outrageous amendments would have capped damages for noneconomic injuries to $5,000, creating a soft climate for crooked car dealers or swindlers who might be tempted to run unlawful deals or scams which could create a lifetime of financial hardship for an Ohio consumer.

Governor Stickland was elected as part of a massive counterstike by Ohio voters who were fed up with eight scandalous years under Republican rule. Today, Governor Strickland took the first step in restoring a fair playing field between Ohio consumers and businesses.