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Ripped off? You Can Win a Refund and Damages for Stress and Emotion.

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Stuck with a lemon of a car? Ripped off on a home sale? If this has happened, you probablly lost money and want a refund, and maybe have your attorneys fees paid. Until recently, that was about all a consumer could hope to recover.

Until recently, there was no compensation for the anger, frustration, and worry, that typically accompanies being ripped off. But in Ohio, the law has changed.

This week, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that emotional damages may be awarded in cases where a consumer has been the victim of a swindle, or faulty transaction. This means that, in appropriate situations, a consumer may recover for emotional damages on top of a full refund and their attorneys fees. This decision is a commendable decision by the Ohio Supreme Court and may be unique in the country in terms of protecting consumers rights.