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Is Your Child's Daycare Center Safe?

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Every day, hard working parents entrust Daycare Centers to care for and protect their children . Recent stories in the news remind us that parents must be very careful and make sure the daycare center they rely upon is safe and secure. To often we read about children who have been physically and emotionally abused by daycare workers or who have been exposed to dangerous conditions within a a daycare. Just yesterday here in the Cleveland area, police confiscated over 100 bags of marijuana inside a licensed daycare center.

Daycare centers are required to follow specific standards imposed to safeguard children. If a daycare center does not meet those standards and places a child in harms way the law provides a means to hold them accountable. A child injured as a result of negligence within the daycare center has a right to be fully and fairly compensated. Make sure your daycare center is properly licensed and the building meets applicable codes. Furthermore, inquire as to how the staff is selected, trained and supervised. Make sure your child is properly protected.