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Consumer and Small Business Claims frequently Fought by Large Corporations

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A doctor was serving as an expert in a medical negligence case, and after reviewing the medical records, the expert said – “There is no possible defense for this shoddy medical care. Why don’t they settle?” The answer is because large corporations aren’t always interested in doing what’s right – they tend to be more focused on doing what is best for their bottom line.

This is why our courts are clogged with frivolous lawsuits, lawsuits where the DEFENSE is frivolous. We see cases going to trial that should be settled months ago, but the defendant is a corporation that wants to probe every possible weakness to avoid paying a fair settlement, even if that means going to trial on the flimsiest, most insulting defense theories its lawyers can conjure.

When it comes to small business disputes, or consumer claims, major corporations treat them no differently.