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Civil Rights Actions Exist for Police Misconduct

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A civil cause of action exists for victims of police misconduct. When police misconduct results in a violation of a citizen’s rights, the offended citizen has a right to seek compensation and accountability from the police officer and the municipality employing the police officer.

These cases are complicated and entail a great deal more than merely filing a citizen’s complaint at the station. However, if proven, an offended citizen may not just recover compensation but their attorneys’ fees as well, thereby ensuring that the compensation awarded is full compensation.

Unlawful searches and seizures, truncated stops, unnnecessary and excessive force, and other illegal police activity may provide the citizen victim with the right to bring suit against the law enforcement involved.

This is not to suggest that every police activity is unlawful or that a right to recover exists for every interaction with the police. Indeed, the body of law in this type of action makes it clear that the cases that are actionable are those involving severe or extreme circumstances. Persons considering a cause of action would be wise to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney.