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Child Care Centers – Can You Trust Yours?

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With a slow economy forcing more couples or parents to work full time, commercial day care centers have become big business in America. However, parents are wise to be cautious when selecting a child care center to provide care for their infant children while they are at work.

Where a center fails to provide appropriate care and attention to a child, and an injury ensues, the parent or parents may have a claim for negligence or a consumer claim. In fact there are now ratings and reports available to consumers from agencies who attempt to determine whether a center has the propoer qualifications and safety standards in place to help prevent any incidents.

Should a child suffer an injury or illness as a result of negligence or carelessness at the center, the parent should not attempt to handle the very emotional matter on thier own. Instead, the parent should employ an experienced attorney to address what happened and whether some compensation or remediation is warranted.