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Allcare Dental Closure National Class Action Lawsuit Filed


Allcare Dental’s recent and unexpected closure has left Allcare Dental patients waiting on services in a lurch—without records or a dentist. While Allcare Dental has been providing some assistance in getting records to other dental chains, many of Allcare Dental’s patients had already paid hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in prepayments and deposits for work that was never done.

Now my Cleveland-based law firm, Spangenberg, Shibley & Liber, has filed an Allcare Dental Class Action Lawsuit to try and help aggrieved customers get those payments back. The suit, filed in the Western District of New York by class action attorneys Nick DiCello, Stuart Scott, and William Eadie, seeks to cover a national class. As Nick diCello explained:

We’ve been getting a stream of calls from former Allcare Dental patients from North Dakota to Tennessee, angry and upset that Allcare Dental shut down. Some former Allcare Dental patients had their teeth pulled and were waiting on permanent dentures. Other Allcare Dental customers had taken out large loans for work that was never done—and some are still paying on those loans. You can imagine the anger an Allcare Dental client feels at not only not having the work done, but not having the money to get it done somewhere else because they’re still paying the bank for the work Allcare Dental never finished in the first place!

Because this is a class action, only some of the plaintiffs are named in the complaint (called the "class representatives," if and when the court certifies them). If you are interested in potentially becoming a class representative, visit our Allcare Dental Class Action Lawsuit information website at www.allcaredentalclassaction.com. There you’ll find information on each state, whether we’re looking for more representatives, case filings, and frequently asked questions. Check back often.

Are you a reporter, blogger, or other news provider? Please fill out our Allcare Dental Class Action Media Contact Form.

Are you a former Allcare Dental customer, employee, or supplier? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Anonymous says:
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    Good luck with the class action, it is always disappointing to see how many companies and organisations deal with the aftermaths of economic fallouts.

  2. up arrow

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. It certainly doesn’t seem like they thought through how best to handle whatever difficulty they faced. We’ll see.

  3. Jenny Howes says:
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    My husband was a patient at the Mentor, Ohio office.Our last appointment to have his permanent lower denture fitted was in December 2010; but that office called and changed that appointment to January 3, 2011. The office was closed with no phone number to contact. All newspaper articles and internet gives NO INFORMATION ABOUT MENTOR, OHIO. We would appreciate just having the dentures given to us as our monies were paid. Who can we contact? Thank you. Jenny & Wm Howes

  4. Pam Stiles says:
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    AllCare Dental in Knoxville Tennessee did an extraction for me and pulled the wrong tooth, they then pulled the one that should have been pulled which left me with a large space, they fixed a partial temporary. I went back to tell them that it hurt to put that in my mouth and they were gone. I would just like to know the name of their insurance company to work with them to get my teeth fixed as that was just a big mistake. I know that there are a lot of people that had paid a lot of money, the prices were outrages.

  5. Desiree Hall says:
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    I was a former patient of Allcare. Took out a $500.00 line of credit back in 2006 for dental services, they never performed! I’ve been fighting for five years for Allcare to reimburse GE, and they all out refused. This credit has ruined my credit report! Not shocked to see they went belly under. Is it too late to be apart of the class action?

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    Jenny, Pam and Desiree,

    Thanks for commenting, and I understand the frustration of being left in the cold by the company that was supposed to be helping you. You can find out more information about the class action and what a class action is all about at our informational website at the following link (this is also in the “Additional Resources” part of the post): http://www.allcaredentalclaims.com

    Best of luck,


  7. susie lawrence says:
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    my mouth hasnt been the same since i went to that conartist place. i should have never gone there as they took my insurance money and also started a credit account for me that was a couple thousand dollars. when i stopped paying on it because i wasnt happy with the job they did on my teeth they sent me to another con artist collection agency that is charging me a dailey fee even tho i am paying them each month!!! please help!

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    Thanks for commenting, and I’m sorry to hear about your ordeal. Please visit our class action website for information on the pending claim: http://www.allcaredentalclassaction.com

    We won’t be able to help you with the immediate financing issue. You may want to contact a consumer protection attorney in your area.

    Best of luck.

  9. K says:
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    While my husband was lucky enough to get his dentures, the bottoms still do not fit right and now, months after the bill was paid IN FULL (have statement showing paid in full) we get a statement that the account was sent to collections and we owe MORE?!

  10. Jim Cullen says:
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    I was going to the Mentor location of All Care Dental for upper dentures and a lower partial. I received a bad set of temps. and was scheduled for a Jan appointment. When I arrived the office was locked up.. This bunch of crooks took me for 5000.00 and I’m on disability. I don’t know what to do.

  11. up arrow

    Thanks for your comments, and I understand your frustration. Please see our information website: http://www.allcaredentalclassaction.com.

    Best of luck!