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Plastic Surgery can lead to Medical Malpractice

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With the popularity of TV shows such as Extreme Makeover and the constant barage of advertisements for face lifts, liposuction, and bariatric surgery, many people think that plastic surgery is a simple procedure with minimal risks. Just the opposite is true. While plastic surgery procedures are “elective” the risks involved, like any surgery, can be substantial and if not performed by a qualified doctor at a qualified facility,the results , often times can be significantly detrimental and result in Medical Malpractice . Before deciding to undergo plastic surgery make sure your doctor explains all of the risks and benefits. Your decision should be an informed decision. How long will the procedure last? Will a local anesthesia or general anesthesia be used? What are the credentials of not only the doctor performing the procedure, but the facility where the procedure will take place? How long will my recovery take? Am I healthy enough to undergo such a procedure? Do not rush in to plastic surgery. Make sure you are fully informed, so that there are no surprises following your procedure.