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Don't Wait Too Long….Time Lines for Filing Suit

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There is a clock ticking from the date you are injured….and it only hurts the victim. In Ohio, and every state, there is a “statute of limitations” which governs the amount of time which a victim has to file a complaint against the individual/s or company which caused him or her harm. This time period typically begins when the individual is injured, for example, when the car accident occurred, and runs for anywhere between one year to fifteen years, depending on the type of claim. Regardless of the type of action, either a personal injury claim stemming from a car accident to a dog bite to case involving stockbroker misconduct, there is always a limited time frame in which the victim can file suit.
Most people are unaware that there is a time limitation for pursuing claims. All to often, a victim of wrongdoing comes in who has a solid claim but has waited too long to file a claim against the wrongdoer.
Often, the victim has thought about getting an attorney and seeking compensation for their injury, but wants to wait to see if his or her injuries “get better.” Perhaps the individual hasn’t sought medical treatment because he or she is without health insurance and has no way to cover the treatment. By the time the victim comes to us, several years may have passed and the pain still persists. Unfortuantely, if the statute of limitations has passed, no claim can be made against the wrongdoer. This leaves the innocent victim without recourse for the pain, suffering and expense he or she has endured.

My desire is to help individuals to get the compensation they deserve when an injury has occurred due to someone else’s negligence. If there is any question whether an attorney is needed after an injury occurs, call an attorney first. Do not wait to see if the symptoms get better or to see if things will resolve. It is better to call and ask than to not know. Help us help you!