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CooperVision Contact Lens Recall Includes Sofmed Breathables, encore100, and Others

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You may have heard about the recent recall of Avaira Toric and and Avaira Sphere contact lenses which are manufactured by CooperVision, but you may not know that the contact lenses affected by the recall are also marketed under numerous other rebranded names. If you are using contact lenses manufactured by CooperVision and are experiencing blurry or hazy vision, eye pain, irritation, redness, light sensitivity, vision impairment, or have suffered an eye injury such as a corneal ulcer or abrasion or have been diagnosed with keratitis, you should contact an attorney promptly to determine whether your contact lenses are subject to the recall and whether you may have a case against CooperVision.

Among many other rebranded names, Sofmed Breathables, Sofmed Breathables Toric, encore100 Toric, and encore100 Sphere contact lenses are subject to recall by CooperVision due to the level of a silicone oil residue left on the lenses during manufacturing.

If you are experiencing problems as a result of using CooperVision contact lenses, do not throw away or return your contact lenses, because the lenses and all packaging are important evidence that must be preserved if still in your possession. Save your contact lenses, blister packages, boxes, prescriptions, recall letters, and any other documentation you have related to your CooperVision contact lenses and your injuries so that a contact lens lawyer can evaluate your case.

If you have used any contact lenses manufactured by CooperVision and are experiencing adverse symptoms, contact a medical device lawyer right away to determine whether you have a contact lens lawsuit.

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  1. Byron Corbin says:
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    I have been a Sofmed Breathables contact lenses user from July 2009 to present. I am a eye club member at America’s Best Eyewear & Contacts. I did recieve email alert from them in November 2011.I will be changing to another manufactur’s lenses.