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Fosamax Causing Weak Bones | Fosamax Femur Fractures


Fosamax, a bisphonsphonate intended to strengthen bones, has been linked with weakened bones, leading to severe bone breaks including femoral fractures. (What is a femoral fracture?) These types of injuries can be devastating, as the femur (or thigh bone) is a vital bone that rarely breaks absent more serious impact trauma, such as a car accident. (read about other Fosamax-related injuries)

The FDA reports on these issues in a helpful video:

Patients suffering from this type of injury after having taken Fosamax should consult with a Fosamax injury attorney soon to evaluate whether they have a Fosamax-related potential legal claim.

Have you or a loved one taken Fosamax? How did it affect you? Many patients have taken bisphosphates and had good results. Leave a comment below to share your story. If you have a legal question, use the following link to direct it to a Fosamax injury attorney:



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  1. Allen Green says:
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    I am doing research on Fosamax for my Mom, she had a femur fracture over the winter. On Recallwarning the seem to indicate that there may be a Fosamax recall. http://www.recallwarning.com/fosamax-recall-warning.html Does anyone know if this is true?

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    Allen, there is not a recall at this time. If your mom had a femur fracture while taking Fosamax, she should contact an attorney for an evaluation. We can review if she contacts us. She can also complete this form: http://www.my-fosamax-lawsuit.com/contact