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Do I Have A Fosamax Bone Fracture Lawsuit?

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Osteoporosis drugs created to help strengthen bones may be weakening them instead. Bisphosphonate-class drugs like Fosamax have been the subject of Fosamax femur fractures lawsuit claims that they have caused longer-term users to have “atypical” femur (thighbone) fractures—for example, their leg bone would snap when they stood up from a chair.

Whether you have a potential lawsuit against the manufacturer of a bisphosphonate-class drug like Fosamax depends on the specific facts of your case. For example, when I’m speaking with Fosamax users who suffered some type of bone break, I ask them about how long they were on the drug (or any other bisphosphonates, like Reclast or Boniva), whether they suffered a spontaneous femur fracture, and when they became aware that Fosamax might be related to their injury. Based on the state in which they live, these questions can help determine whether we think it is a Fosamax lawsuit with which we’d be able to help them.

I’ve spoken with dozens of potential Fosamax and other bisphosphonate-class drug patients over the past few months, and the stories can be heartrending. One patient was sitting up in bed when her leg broke, another was putting away groceries. These injuries can be devastating—on both the victim, and their family and friends.

Lawsuits involving the drug Fosamax and other bisphosphonate osteoporosis drugs (like Boniva and Reclast) for bone breaks allege that the drug manufacturers designed the drugs defectively, and failed to warn patients of the risk. Fosamax femur fracture lawsuit plaintiffs should speak with an attorney promptly if they’ve suffered from an unexplained femur or other bone fracture.

A femoral shaft fracture (broken thighbone) is a serious condition that may require surgical placement of a rod (“intramedullary nail”) down the shaft of the femur. While this area of medical science is still developing, there seems to be a telltale or “signature” injury involving the thigh bone break looking like a sharp bird beak (called “beaking”).

Fosamax lawsuits regarding femur fractures should be pursued with the help of a Fosamax attorney who has done work in the multi-district litigation (“MDL”). While our Spangenberg law firm (877-696-3303) has been involved with MDL cases for decades, there are other attorneys you could consult as well. We have a national pharmaceutical drug lawsuit practice serving the entire United States, and have partner lawyers available in Canada as well.

Whether your break involved the shaft of the femur fracturing, or another bone break that required surgery, contact a Fosamax lawsuit attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights. Fosamax lawsuit news.

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