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Zicam Still Available Despite Problems: Users Beware

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Zicam, a spray medication available over the counter, has been linked to loss of smell and taste in hundreds of consumers who have used the product. The popular product, advertised as a homeopathic alternative to traditional cold and cough medicines, is sprayed into nostrils. As a homeopathic product, Zicam does not undergo the same strenuous testing that drugs undergo.

After large numbers of consumers reported problems with their sense of taste and smell after using the product, a class action was filed against the maker of Zicam. A $12 Million dollar settlement was reached in the case about one year ago. The loss of senses was attributed to the zinc contained in the product.

Despite the settlement, the makers of Zicam refuse to admit any liability for the problems reported by consumers. Zicam continues to be marketed and available to consumers on the shelves of drug stores. The product labeling does not warn consumers of the risk of losing sensation even though complaints continue to be filed with the FDA.