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Sherwin-Williams Recalls Aerosol Cans Due to Risk of Serious Facial Injury

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The CPSC and The Sherwin-Williams Co. are recalling about 3,000 Hi-Heat Aerosol Coating Cans because the cans can over-pressurize and explode, which poses a risk of serious facial or other injuries to consumers.

So far Sherwin-Williams has received one report of a consumer who has suffered injuries. The consumer suffered serious facial injuries which included a broken jaw, broken teeth, a broken nose, a split lip, and a shattered eye socket when the aerosol can exploded.

The recalled item is a Thermo-Tec Hi-Heat aerosol coating which is used to color and protect Thermo-Tec automotive exhaust wrap.

The part number (#12002) is printed above the UPC, and the date code (#B1815) is written on the bottom of the can. The 11-ounce aerosol can is mostly blue with orange and yellow flames and has an aluminum-colored cap. The can states “HI-HEAT COATING 2000°F” in large white letters on the front of the can.

The aerosol coating cans were available in automotive supply stores, repair shops, and parts suppliers all over the country. The product was sold from August 2005 through June 2007 and was manufactured in the United States.

Consumers are being warned not to handle the cans and to contact Sherwin-Williams as soon as possible. The company said they would send a representative within 48 to come and collect the recalled aerosol cans. Consumers will also receive a $15 check for each recalled item that the company collects.

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