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ReNu Contact Solution Problem Larger Than Bausch & Lomb Admits

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A recent Blog post by attorney C. Calvin Warriner which I came across addressed the personal injury created by contact lens solution including ReNu with MoistureLoc brand. I've now had the opportunity to speak of this concern with one of the worlds top notch opthamologists who specialized in corneal infections and he confirms the concern. His practice is following a number of patients who have developed infections which are believed to be linked to the use of this Bausch and Lomb product. This clearly is a far bigger problem than Bausch and Lomb is willing to admit.

CDC and FDA officials are warning the more than 30 million Americans who wear contact lenses of a fungal infection that could lead to permanent vision loss. The fungus known as Fusarium keratitis has been directly associated with ReNu with MoistureLoc. Fungal keratitis is a serious and painful corneal disease caused by a fungal organism.

Symptoms include blurred vision, a red and painful eye that does not improve when the contact lens is removed, increased sensitivity to light, and excessive tearing or discharge. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should return to your optometrist immediately.

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