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Nick DiCello

Family of Ohio State University Freshman Who Was Crushed to Death by Elevator Sues University

The civil justice attorneys at Spangenberg, Shibley & Liber, LLP have filed suit against the Ohio State University over the death of freshman, Andrew K. Polakowski, who was crushed to death by a…

Nick DiCello

Hazing Kills

All of us have likely seen or been involved in some form of hazing over the course of our lives. Indeed, making the new guy or gal earn his or her stripes is tradition in school, fraternities and…

Spangenberg Shibley & Liber

Nursing Homes And Wrongful Death

Each and every day families are faced with the decision as to whether to send a loved one to a nursing home for either temporary care and treatment or for permanent care. The decision making process is a very tough one and due to recent cases, which have demonstrated the inadequate care many patients receive at nursing homes, the decision must be made only after a thorough investigation is…

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Ford Worker Dies in Machine at Plant in 2nd Industrial Accident of Day

Friday evening a worker at Ford’s plant in Brookpark, Ohio was killed in an industrial accident when he fell into a machine. Francisco Fraticelli of Broadview Heights died from injuries to his chest, abdomen and pelvis after falling into a machine at Ford’s casting plant. Fraticelli was a member of United Auto Workers Local 1250. The Union along with OSHA will be conducting an investigation …

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Defect in Elevator Results in Death

A recent blog by Columbus Injuryboard Attorney Scott Smith highlights a terrible incident that occurred at Ohio State University college where a dormitory elevator defect resulted in the death of a college student when the elevator did not brake properly causing it to crash. Andy Polakowski, attempted to exit the disabled open elevator door located in Stradley Hall when it fell crushing him to…

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Police Stun Guns Still Deadly

Police stun guns have caused fatal injuries in 156 occasions. The use of a stun gun to subdue a person, that results in serious injuury or death, may be a violation of one’s civil rights, in a charge known as excessive force.Any person injured to an extensive degree by the use of a police stun gun may have a claim for excessive force or violation of one’s civil rights. This may also be true if…

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Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) Save Lives

Recently there have been a number of wrongful death law suits filed as a result of health clubs failing to have AED’s – Automated External Defibrillators on their premises. These devices can immediately “shock” the heart back into pumping when someone suffers a heart attack. Any health club should have such a device easily accessible in the event someone working out suffers a heart attack. …