Cleveland, Ohio


Miranda Miller

Cerebral Palsy Patient Starves, Negligent Ohio Nurse Serves 10 Years in Prison

An Ohio nurse was sentenced to 10 years in prison last month, according to the Seattle Times. Mollie Parsons’ negligence led to the malnutrition death of a 14-year-old cerebral palsy…

Miranda Miller

House of Representatives Wants to Speak with NECC and Woman Files First Meningitis Lawsuit

In the last week, the number of people who’ve died in the NECC fungal meningitis outbreak rose to 14, the number of people infected nearly doubled from Sunday’s 91, and the CDC…

Miranda Miller

NECC loses Ohio license and 2004 meningitis lawsuit settlement comes to light

As the illness and death toll rises from NECC’s contaminated epidural steroid injection, we’re learning more about the Framingham, Massachusetts, compounding pharmacy. For instance,…

Ellen Klepac

Inmate Dies from Improper Care of Alcohol Withdrawal

The dangers and consequences of alcoholism are well-recognized and publicized. A lesser realized danger is going to jail and suffering from alcohol withdrawal. For Michael Reid, the consequences…

Miranda Miller

Should Alzheimer's patients be allowed to drive?

A wrongful death lawsuit in California prompts the question: Should Alzheimer’s patients be forbidden to drive?

According to the Daily Mail, 85-year-old Lorraine Sullivan turned left…

Amber Scott

Hospital apologizes for elderly woman's bedsore-related death

Last summer, retired teacher Eileen Cliggett, 79, died from a preventable bedsore wound. Nearly a year later, the hospital has apologized to her family.

Cliggett was hospitalized last June…

Kaitlin Gill

Stroke patients more likely to die on the weekend

British researchers have found that stroke patients are more likely to die if hospitalized over the weekend. The study posits that stroke patients who are part of “the weekend effect”…

Joseph Mansour

Speak now or forever hold your peace: Dr. Conrad Murray's regrets

Two of Dr. Conrad Murray’s lawyers visited him in county jail on Monday, the third anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. According to Reuters, the physician told his lawyers that…

Amber Scott

Obese actress dies; husband sues doctors

Plus-size model and actress Mia Amber Davis died of a pulmonary embolism last May at age 36. Now, husband and comedian Mike Yard is suing the doctor who prescribed her birth control pills and the…

Nick DiCello

Whistleblowing Leads to Physician Negligence and Prison Death

When we think about prisons and jails, we don’t expect prisoners to “have it easy.” But on the other hand, under our constitutional system, we do expect the state to provide…