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Ellen Klepac

When Medical Device Manufacturers Market Off-Label

After multiple fatalities, crimes, lawsuits, and imprisonments, the courtroom battles still rage between medical device company Synthes and families of the patients who were killed by its…

Ellen Klepac

Teamwork enables spinal cord injury victims to walk

As we’ve reported in previous posts, teamwork among medical staff is imperative to patient recovery. Eleven studies published last month in Archives of Physical Medicine &…

Kaitlin Gill

Risky spinal surgery eases chronic pain for wounded U.S. Marine

A month after a bomb detonated in his hands while in Afghanistan, Marine staff sergeant Mark Burleson awoke in incredible pain, according to ABC News. The December 2011 explosion burned him,…

Joseph Mansour

Two doctors rack up 80 malpractice suits for experimental back surgery

Last Sunday, The Republic reported that two doctors are allegedly responsible for nearly 80 malpractice claims filed against a New Mexico hospital. The hospital settled the claims for over $33…

Kaitlin Gill

One giant leap for spinal cord injury research

During a college football game in October 1985, Marc Buoniconti fractured his spine between the third and fourth cervical vertebrae. Since then, he’s lived his life in a wheelchair, unable…

Amber Scott

Teenage lifeguard's life interrupted by spinal cord injury

On July 14, 2011, 19-year-old Nick Malafronte suffered spinal cord injuries during a diving accident. Doctors told him he’d never be able to use his hands nor walk again.

All of this…

Kaitlin Gill

Five women break wheelchair boundaries

Confident, trendy, attractive. Three words that might not immediately come to mind when we think of women bound to a wheelchair by spinal cord injuries, but they’re accurate for the…

Amber Scott

Diving safety precautions as you go for the gold

Diver Alexandre Despatie will likely compete in the London Olympics after suffering a 10 centimeter-deep head wound and mild concussion while training.

The two-time silver medalist reportedly…