Cleveland, Ohio


Ellen Klepac

Banks being held accountable for unfair business practices

Until recently, banks have been getting away with robbery. They never even donned a ski mask. Instead, they re-ordered customers’ daily debit card transactions to increase the number of…

Joseph Mansour

What are all these charges on my hospital bill?

You may remember the Schoolhouse Rock cartoon “How a bill becomes a law” from the ‘80s. More recently, Cleveland.com taught readers how a hospital bill becomes a pain in the…

Rhonda Baker Debevec

What is uninsured motorist coverage and why should I have it?

Though there are laws in almost every state that require drivers to carry car insurance, there are still some drivers who do not obey. According to the Insurance Research Council’s 2009…

Joseph Mansour

Hospital patients' parting gift? Hepatitis C

A serious epidemic was somewhat avoided at a New Hampshire hospital but not before 44 patients were infected with one of the worst diseases in the world today. Patients treated at Exeter…

Amber Scott

Nutty doctor sued for stabbing patient with pickle fork

Most of us expect the best, or at the very least decent, care during a trip to the doctor’s office. One would assume that after years and thousands of dollars poured into an education,…

Amber Scott

Boating tips to keep you from becoming a statistic

Boating season is here, and whether you plan on leisurely Lake Erie jaunts or heart-pounding regattas, you should always keep safety foremost in your mind, especially given the growing number of…

Amber Scott

Father kills 3-year-old son by perforating his bowel

A 32-year-old father was just convicted of negligent homicide, child abuse and aggravated child neglect in the death of his 3-year-old son, who died of a perforated bowel. Authorities believe the…

Amber Scott

Cleveland City Council passes bike-friendly ordinance

Last month, the Huffington Post shared 20 of Bicycling.com’s 50 most bike-friendly cities. Cleveland made neither the full nor the abbreviated list. But as we’re so fond of saying in…

Amber Scott

Ray J released from hospital after pulmonary embolism scare

Even if you’ve never listened to his music, you’ve probably heard Ray J’s name linked to Kim Kardashian and Whitney Houston, whom he was dating when she died in February….

Amber Scott

Beauty is pain … and possibly a pulmonary embolism

We’ve all heard the cliché that beauty is pain, but a recent Wall Street Journal article takes TLC’s “What Not to Wear to the Extreme” and forces women to question…