Cleveland, Ohio


Amber Scott

Traveling hospital technician accused of being a “serial infector”

The FBI is investigating a traveling hospital technician hired for temporary assignments around the country and accused of spreading hepatitis C to at least 30 patients via contaminated…

Amber Scott

Pediatrician's negligence clips aspiring pilot's wings

Dismissed as dehydration, a deadly infection that could’ve been prevented killed Rory Staunton, a 12-year-old boy who dreamed of becoming a pilot. His death will forever echo the negligence…

Amber Scott

Consumer Reports ranks UH and Cleveland Clinic

Choosing the right hospital for a sick loved one can be difficult when hospitals are being sued left and right for nursing errors and medical malpractice. If you’re like me, you stick with…

Peter H. Weinberger

Ohio organ donor's post-surgical complications lead to national advocacy

On July 2, NPR ran a story revealing the untold risks of organ donation, which can cost donors their physical, emotional and financial well-being.

Interviewers spoke with Jeff Moyer and Vicky…

Joseph Mansour

Did a hospital executive alter records to conceal potential malpractice?

Last Thursday, Secure Computing Magazine reported that an executive at Australia’s Canberra Hospital admitted to altering medical records of patients seen in the emergency department. While…

Amber Scott

Woman loses limbs to flesh-eating disease after doctor nicks her bowel

According to the Daily Mail, 46-year-old Lisa-Marie Carter is suing her doctor in a medical malpractice lawsuit for perforating her bowel during outpatient ovarian cyst removal surgery and not…

Joseph Mansour

CNN's shocking medical mistakes

This past weekend, CNN posted “10 Shocking Medical Mistakes” as part of its Empowered Patient series. According to Johns Hopkins Hospital internist Dr. Albert Wu, “Mistakes are…

William B. Eadie

What is a Perforated Bowel and Do I Have A Claim?

Peruse Google’s news tab, and you’ll see perforated bowels popping up everywhere these days. The lead singer of ‘80s rock band Great White is suing the group for moving on…

William B. Eadie

Party of Zero Responsibility?

House Republicans have passed malpractice entitlements—caps on damages that allow the one group of people to be “untouchable” and unaccountable for their actions beyond a base…

William B. Eadie

Why Tort Reform Won’t Reduce Healthcare Costs

You may have heard the refrain: if only we could eliminate “frivolous lawsuits” and “defensive medicine,” healthcare could be affordable. No need to reform the system,…