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Miranda Miller

Prison Nurse Fails to Diagnose TB, Jury Awards $600,000

A jury has awarded a man $590,600 after a prison nurse failed to diagnose or treat his tuberculosis (TB) infection, Minnesota’s Star Tribune reported.

In 2008, Marchello McCaster served…

Miranda Miller

Cedars-Sinai Surgeon No Longer Operating After Infecting Five Patients

A Cedars-Sinai surgeon infected five patients with staphylococcus epidermidis bacteria when his gloves ripped during valve replacement operations this year, according to the L.A….

Ellen Klepac

Government Proposes System for Reporting Medical Errors

Because so many medical errors go unreported, the Obama Administration is developing a program for patients to report the harm they may have experienced while in the hospital or with medical…

Ellen Klepac

How to report medical errors

Far more medical errors occur than patients ever report, according to writer Marshall Allen on NBCnews.com. Reasons for not reporting them vary. Some patients may be physically unable to speak…

Ellen Klepac

Ohio Hospital Awaits Its Fate Following Kidney Failure

Waiting for a kidney transplant is nerve-wracking. Finding out that your long-sought match has been obtained but thrown in the garbage is worse.

That’s what happened to one patient at…

Ellen Klepac

Elusive Medical Records and Not-So-Reconstructive Surgery

Trying to get your medical records from your doctor after a procedure may not be a cakewalk, but even an unsuccessful effort to do so may wind up working out in your favor.

This was the case…

Miranda Miller

Ohio children's hospitals preventing medical errors

Children’s hospitals throughout Ohio have committed to eliminating medical errors by next year, according to U.S. News writer Steve Sternberg.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital in…

Miranda Miller

How to prevent becoming the victim of a medical error

About 25 percent of all hospitalized patients will be harmed by a medical error, Johns Hopkins Hospital surgeon Marty Makary shared last weekend in the Wall Street Journal.

His article,…

Owen Coughlin Jr.

A complicated law to address medical complications

New Hampshire recently became the first state to pass legislation on what is being referred to as an “early offer” program for medical malpractice claims. Governor John Lynch…

Amber Scott

SmartLipo, stupid doctor

In 2004, Dr. Mehmet Oz, of Oprah fame, performed a heart transplant on Manhattanite Isel Pineda. Earlier this year, the 51-year-old woman died of cardiac arrest at the hands of Dr. Oleg Davie, an…