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Miranda Miller

NECC News: FDA Releases New NECC Customer & Product List

Monday, October 22, the FDA’s MedWatch system released two lists relative to the fungal meningitis outbreak. The first named customers to which NECC shipped products on or after May 21,…

Miranda Miller

Information re: NECC Investigation Released, Lot 6 Blamed for Fungal Meningitis Cases in Tennessee

Nearly a month has passed since NECC recalled three lots of its contaminated epidural steroid. In that time, 304 people have contracted fungal meningitis, 23 people have died, four people have…

Miranda Miller

NECC News: Age is only a number in fungal meningitis lawsuits

In fungal meningitis outbreak news, the CDC revised its numbers to 297 cases, 23 deaths, and three knee, hip, shoulder, or elbow joint infections on Monday. Though the Chattanooga Times Free…

Miranda Miller

NECC News: Another Person Dead, More Fungal Meningitis Lawsuits Filed, and Fungus Found in 50 Vials

With million dollar fungal meningitis outbreak lawsuits now filed in Minnesota, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, and Indiana, a former federal prosecutor in Boston is going after NECC owners’…

Ellen Klepac

U.S. Army Develops Protection against Head Injuries, TBI in Soldiers

The number of U.S. soldiers diagnosed yearly with traumatic brain injury has increased astronomically since 2000, according to numbers posted online and updated quarterly by the Department of…

Miranda Miller

NECC News: FDA Letter to NECC May Answer Senators’ & Consumers’ Questions re: Meningitis Outbreak

Following in the footsteps of U.S. Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Michigan Representative John D. Dingell has written a letter to the FDA regarding the NECC fungal…

Miranda Miller

NECC News: Ohio Clinics from Akron to Zanesville that Received NECC Drugs May – October 2012

In response to the FDA’s Monday announcement that other NECC products may be linked to the fungal meningitis outbreak, the Ohio Department of Health has instructed 64 clinics throughout the…

Miranda Miller

NECC News: Fungal Meningitis Lawsuits Filed in Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey, and Tennessee

NECC is getting its first lick of litigation as people begin to follow Minnesota resident Barbe Puro’s example and file fungal meningitis lawsuits.

Puro filed a class action lawsuit…

Miranda Miller

NECC News: NECC cuts jobs, FDA investigates more products

In developing fungal meningitis outbreak news, NECC, the compounding pharmacy that caused the contamination, has cut its workforce in half, and the FDA is investigating more NECC products that…

Miranda Miller

NECC News: Two More Injections Possibly Linked to Fungal Meningitis Outbreak per FDA

In continuing fungal meningitis outbreak news, NECC has surrendered its license to do business in Tennessee, the state hardest hit with infections and deaths. This is permanent, opposed to other…