Cleveland, Ohio


Ellen Klepac

Toyota Technology May Prevent Car Accidents

Not only will cars be able to drive themselves soon, they also will be able to talk to each other, according to a live5news.com article.

Toyota is currently testing technology that allows…

Kaitlin Gill

Progressive on the defensive

The Progressive Corp. now finds itself on the defensive after collaborating with lawyers defending a driver who killed a woman in June 2010. Progressive was trying to avoid paying the…

Owen Coughlin Jr.

The Dreaded Construction Zone

We’ve all been there. Running late to work, feeding and dressing ourselves at stoplights, driving like a maniac, and then encountering the dreaded construction zone, where a ticket can cost…

Owen Coughlin Jr.

You Can Only Control So Much

Though I have yet to fill their shoes, it seems to me that summer must be a stressful time for a parent of young children. School is out for the summer, the kids are prowling around the house and…

Amber Scott

Driver’s Ed 101: Don’t speed, don’t run red lights, and don’t become a statistic

A few hours before rush hour this morning, a 24-year-old man was speeding down Broadway Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio, when he ran a red light and crashed his Dodge Charger into a truck carrying…

Amber Scott

Something to remember on Cinco de Mayo

It’s Saturday night. Time to party. Driving to your job as bartender in downtown Cleveland, you sing along with the radio and amp yourself up to help throngs of people get wasted and have a…

Miranda Miller

Getting hit by a car was a bad way to start my weekend … and probably hers, too

Crossing East 14th and Lakeside in Cleveland each day on my walk to my new job, I wondered when I was going to get hit by someone too eager to turn right on red. After a few close calls, I…

Miranda Miller

A conspiracy theorist with a cell phone is a dangerous thing

I can’t help but shake my head when I read comments that follow stories about the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration requiring little black boxes in all passenger…

Miranda Miller

How many people must die before you put down the phone?

Three thousand people died in distracted driving accidents across the country last year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In Ohio alone, distracted driving killed…

Nick DiCello

Automobile Accident or Defective Automobile? What to Look for and When to Investigate an Auto Defect

Thousands of motor vehicle collisions occur every year. More than43,000 people died in car crashes/accidents in 2005 alone. Most often the motorists involved in a car crash seek to determine who…