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Profits Over People-Insurance Companies Slogan

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In an effort to maximize their profits, instead of fairly compensating injured persons, many auto insurance companies have made a conscious decision to force victims injured in car crashes to go to court where the insurance companies try to tie the case up for long periods of time, hoping the victim will throw in the towel. This outrageous conduct is for one reason only-so the insurance companies can make more money.

While these insurance companies claim to be “the good hands people” or “on your side” nothing could be further from the truth. As one insurance insider commented about what the insurance companies are doing, “The profits are good, and as long as the community, the public allows this to occur, the insurance companies will get richer and people … will not get a fair and reasonable settlement.” Remember if you are injured in a motor vehicle collision, don’t settle for less than full and fair compensation. Fight the insurance companies.