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Ohio Jury Punishes Drunk Driver

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Attorneys Justin Madden and Rebecca Castell, of Landskroner Grieco Madden won a meaningful verdict for a family injured by a repeat drunk driver. The injured victims were lucky enough to walk away from the pedestrian accident but the jury recognized the importance of sending a message to the defendant by awarding compensatory and punitive damages,as well as attorneys fees for the injured family members.

The two injured family members suffered injuries that resulted in $8,000 in medical bills a piece for treatment. The jury awarded compensatory damages of $40,000 and $50,000 respectively, as well as $20,000 person person in punitive damages, and also awarded each family member their attorneys fees.

The drunk driver was insured by AllState which made little effort to settle the case prior to trial. The verdict will be buttressed by post trial motions for pre-judgment interest as well as a claim for bad faith against AllState insurance company for failing to protect their insured from personal exposure on the verdicts.

Victims of drunk driving crashes face many kinds of losses. Losses include the death of a loved one, loss of physical and/or mental capacity, loss of one's sense of security in the world and many others

Drunk driving in this country is a danger that effects us all. Reasonable care is required when getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. If a drivers judgment in impaired then driving is unreasonable and he will be held accountable for the consequenses of his actions.

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