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Insurance Adjusters Not Your Ally When a Crash Occurs

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When you are struck by another driver, who reports the incident to their insurance company, you can expect a phone call within two days from that insurance company. Think this is good news? Think again.

In terms of getting your car repaired quickly, it is helpful to receive a call. However, restrict your conversation to the property damage. Do NOT discuss your injuries, or lost wages. An adjuster will call who will be assigned to your bodily injury claim. Often, they will assure you that they will pay all your medical bills, but to do so, they’ll need a tape recorded statement and some signed medical authorizations. If you provide this information, you will likely imperil your right to a fair recovery.

If you think you will hire an attorney, or even if you plan to handle the claim yourself, giving out this type of information is foolishly giving the insurance company the ammunition it needs to pay you the lowest amount possible. Additionally, the adjuster will dangle a meager offer in front of you, but will say nothing about your obligation to re-pay your own health insurance company for any medical bills it has paid.

Trying to play the insurance game with an insurance company is like challenging Yao Ming to a dunking contest – the odds are not with most ordinary consumers.