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How To Select An Attorney

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In my August blog What To Do When In An Auto Accident, I provided some helpful hints in terms of protecting ones self when involved in an auto accident. Unfortunately these days, insurance companies are making it much more difficult for victims of auto accidents to resolve their auto accident claims on their own without the need of an attorney. Victims must remember that insurance companies care about one thing only-their money! If an insurance company can short change a victim into settling a claim before the victim seeks legal advice, the insurance company makes more money.

Before you agree to any settlement with an insurance company you should speak to a qualified attorney. Some attorneys solicit clients through accident police reports. These attorneys are not always the best qualified to handle your claim. You want an attorney you feel comfortable with and who addresses your specific needs. Ask friends and family if they know a good attorney. Ask your potential attorney how they are going to handle your case. Make sure they answer all your questions and you are satisfied that they know what they are doing. Review the attorneys web site and see if they really are experienced. A good attorney will make you feel at ease, strengthen your claim against the insurance company and get you the compensation you deserve.