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Defective Highway Design is Likely Factor in Injuries to Bluffton, Ohio Students

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The college students from Bluffton, Ohio involved in the horrific accident this week on Interstate 75 in Georgia, are not the first to be injured at this accident site.

The highway exit ramp where a bus carrying an Ohio college baseball team wrecked has been the site of numerous crashes and can be difficult for drivers to navigate, a federal transportation official said. Kitty Higgins, who is leading the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation into the fatal accident that killed six people and left eight still hospitalized, said Saturday that there have been several crashes at the uncommon, left-hand exit from a car pool lane the bus drove off. There were no visible signs telling drivers to slow down for the ramp, which ends at a T-intersection on the overpass, she said.

It appears that the driver took the poorly marked exit at full speed not recognizing that this was an off-ramp and not continuing highway. The design of the ramp is now in question after investigation has revealed that over 80 other accidents have occurred at this location. It appears that inadequate warnings and the possible defective design of the highway were direct contributing factors to the cause of the accident.