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Bedford Man Killed in Car Accident

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Another Cuyhoga County car accident has resulted in a death.

A 27-year-old Bedford man died Thursday morning when his car hit a utility pole on Rockside Road.
Paris T. Millsap was transported to University Hospitals in Bedford where he later died, according to police.
Millsap was driving west on Rockside Road near Greencroft Park when his car left the road about 6:23 a.m. The cause of the accident is under investigation. No other cars were involved.

Whether the driver was under the influence or simply fell asleep at the wheel, when operating a vehicle an operator is in control of a potentially lethal weapon. Not only is the driver at risk if he fails to control his vehicle but so are those around the vehicle. In this instance, while the loss of life is a tragedy, we can all be grateful that no one else was hurt in the accident.